Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Think Chair that makes us think again

For billions of years, plants and animals have been busy creating complex materials and structures, without producing any waste at all. Whilst we appeared on the planet only 100,000 years ago, we are struggling to cope with the mountains of waste we create every day.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration in our journey of inventions and discoveries. The flight of birds inspired Leonardo da Vinci to draw his sketches of flying machines in the 15th century and, 400 years later, the Wright brothers to create and fly the first airplane. In 1941,The Swiss engineer George de Mestral came up with the wonderful invention of Velcro by noticing the prickly heads of plants sticking tenaciously to his dog’s fur.

We are entering an era where we need to change our ways of making things. Many companies are looking at nature’s best ideas for inspiration to create more sustainable and efficient products. Here is the Think Chair, an office chair that imitates nature’s way of doing things. It is mostly made of materials that can be recycled. It can easily be taken apart, so broken bits can be replaced or upgraded - no need to throw the whole chair away if there is a hole in the cover! Think of all the products we use everyday that could be designed as cleverly as the Think Chair! A really interesting topic to stimulate children’s creative thinking. After all, they are the future designers of tomorrow!