Thursday, 16 February 2012

How the World Works wins an award!

I was extremely honoured and thrilled to receive the Royal Society Young People's book prize 2011. The book was selected as the winner from a shortlist of six by the readers themselves - 1000 young people from over 100 schools and youth groups. I was very touched by the young judges' comments, describing the book as "really entertaining" and "fun". Christopher, aged 13, said: "There is a ton of information and brilliant pop-ups and pull outs". Rosie, aged 12, said: "I couldn't wait to open this book, my friend Amy couldn't stop talking about how great it is and I agree! It uses lots of scientific language and illustrations to explain all the interesting topics. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and learnt so much!". Megan, aged 13, thought the book was "a wonderful hands-on scientific adventure, waiting to be explored" and Jordan, aged 10, said: "This was the best book ever, you cannot beat it."

Reading the children's comments, it is truly uplifting to see how interactive pop-up books about the planet we live on still have a place in our high-tech digital world. I would like to thank the Royal Society, as well as all the children who were involved in the judging process.